Mother’s love, Ista konaronkwa


Mother’s love, Ista konaronkwa

handknit Kevlar, rabbit fur, ribbon, beads


Mother’s love, Ista konaronkwa is an infant sized hand knit Kevlar hat lined with rabbit fur, adorned with beads and ribbon. Without armor plates the hat is not bulletproof. The work holds the intention to protect, and reflects knowledge of dangers faced by children carried in arms and on backs by those who are excluded from the enforced political, cultural and religious ideologies of the U.S. and other police states, and the dangers faced by those who stand for land and water in the face of corporate and colonial quests for capital, comfort and power. Mother’s love takes many forms, and in this way it is often unseen, misunderstood, judged or punished. In this form a mother’s love is not soft, it is unflinching and responsive. It is an extension of love, joy and strength made to face the world as it is.

* Ista konaronkwa/Mom I love you

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