3 Legged Race

3 Legged Race

hand woven Palm fiber and Black Ash, cast resin, metal leafed anatomical pelvis model, mop, broom, scouring sponges, horse hair, hinges

life size, 2021

Three-legged Race is an embodiment of endurance, labor, creation, maintenance, and survival; a reduction produced between the weight of experience and expectation. The missing head and body, along with transparent hand and child, invoke presence for viewers as limited. The figure is a manifestation of service: a mop and broom support a gilded pelvis, vertebrae separated by pieces of scouring sponges. The unseen hand may be reaching down for the baby being birthed, but that tenderness cannot be visible anymore than the expression on an invisible face. Appearing as an idea, Three-legged Race is a reflection on work, care and continuum, on refusal to see and the safety (or lack thereof) in being seen. The invisibility of much of the body is also a suggestion of freedoms that exist in unseen life beyond the production of invisible labor, and the loss experienced by everyone in what is not seen. The title of the work is a reference to connection and intention, to difficulty and coordination- the only leg visible in the work belongs to the emerging child.

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