Womxn’s hat

Hand woven black ash, scouring sponges

life size, 2021

Womxn’s Hat  and Womxn’s Gloves are handwoven baskets modeled after protective gear used by fighters in training and competition. Unlike the gloves and head protection they are modeled after, these pieces provide very limited protection for the wearer, and are likely to increase injury to an aggressor. The works turn weaving, a technology of care, survival, and decoration, toward the protection of female/female-identifying, trans and non-binary bodies. Lined with scouring sponges and dish towels respectively, they speak to limited access, availability of material, and the will to survive as transformative. The impossibility of the baskets as fully functional protective gear is a reminder that our clothing and accessories cannot protect us or ensure our survival in climates of intolerance and violence.

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